Whole 30

A couple of weeks ago Tom and I finished up a 30 day challenge called Whole 30. There is a reason it’s called a 30 day challenge because a challenge it was. I wouldn’t say we are the most unhealthy eaters in the world but we do love a good cheeseburger, and fajitas are our favorite meal, so 30 days of 100% healthy eating wasn’t super easy for us. Whole 30 is a fruit, veggie, egg, potato and meat diet basically. Omitting grain and dairy meant we had to find new recipes to make which came with the disappointment of not liking our dinner at times but then also the excitement of finding new meals we loved!  When we started, we knew we wouldn’t get anywhere unless we were in it together and both completely committed. There was something really great about being able to go through these 30 days and all the emotions that came with it, as a team. We enjoyed finding new recipes together, working out together, talking about all the things we loved about Whole 30 together, complaining and starving together and completing the challenge together!

I thought I’d share our favorite meals from Whole 30 and our least favorite:-)

We Loved:

Not so great:

  • Coconut crusted chicken sounds great but the truth is that coconut flour does not taste nearly the same as regular flour and by using coconut flour to make the chicken crusty made it less tasty 🙂


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